Topographical Dreaming (Tectonic Abstractions)

“Topographical Dreaming (Tectonic Abstractions)” is an exercise in long, slow change video referred to as long period harmonics. It references those things in life which we experience at such a slow rate that we rarely notice that changes within them are occurring until things have gone way too far - climate change; tectonic evolution; human influence on environments; aging; and other similar life experiences… some banal and some of huge importance. || Please note that the complete file for this piece is LARGE with a running time of 120 minutes. Access to the original, full resolution file will be unlocked upon purchase. The original file is intended to run as a continuous loop and, preferably, as an ambient video – “visual muzak” - indirectly present in its environment. Read more
Collection: Meditations and Loops
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 2552 SWAP.HIVE