When I Close My Eyes

It is a beautiful, clear, calm day. The sun is warm and comforting. I close my eyes… what do I see from inside this cocooned and embracing world? || “When I Close My Eyes” is an exercise in long, slow change video referred to as long period harmonics. It references those things in life which we experience at such a slow rate that we rarely notice that changes within them are occurring until things have gone way too far - climate change; tectonic evolution; human influence on environments; aging; and other similar life experiences… some banal and some of huge importance. || Please note: What is shown here is a 2 minute preview. The complete file for this piece is LARGE with a running time of 60 minutes. Access to the original, full resolution file will be unlocked upon purchase. The original file is intended to run as a continuous loop and, preferably, as an ambient video – “visual muzak” - indirectly present in its environment. Read more
Collection: Meditations and Loops
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 2345 SWAP.HIVE