Part 2 - Ghosts of Our History

We are the ghosts of our history<br/> A narrative we reconstruct<br/> From fleeting glimpses<br/> Of our remembered selves<br/> Ephemeral, we believe ourselves<br/> To have substance<br/> As our atoms fade and fall away<br/> Along all the future pathways<br/> Of the spaces we inhabit<br/><br/> Important Information<br/> This is the video version of the poem, “Ghosts of Our History” by the artist. Published in the poetry collection, “The Spaces We Inhabit”, Colin Read / Reade Collins (both pseudonyms of RubyTuesday) ©2020.<br/> The original vision was initially programmed in Processing language ( then exported and further developed in Vegas video editor.<br/> Purchase will unlock access to IPFS network link to download original video-art work.<br/> Previews only are shown here.<br/> Previews are a true likeness of the original work.<br/> Properties of original work are:<br/> Video – Size: 994 MB (1,042,967,038 bytes); Length: 00:05:00; Frame Width: 1920; Frame Height: 1080; Data rate: 26274kbps; Total bitrate: 27810kbps; Frame rate: 25.00fps; Audio – is silent (Bit rate: 1536kbps; Channels: 2 (stereo); Audio sample rate: 48.000 kHz) Read more
Collection: The Spaces We Inhabit
Total Edition(s): 1
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