Sublunary Deconstructions

Creator: @russdpale
As god gazed upon the sublunary cretins, he cried, "You shall not live, but shall be dead. The god ceased to regard them, and he withdrew into the depths of the earth. As he disappeared, the dead man rose up from his bed and began to walk in the direction of the place where he had been lying. And he walked until he reached the spot where the god had said he should die. There he knelt down and said to the god, "I beg you to forgive me. I have been a great sinner, and I repent everything. I have been in a great sin; I have been a liar and a thief and a robber and a murderer. I have killed many people and robbed many people of their possessions, and I have done many things that are very evil. But I do not deserve to be punished. And the god said, "I will forgive you. All that you have' Read more
Collection: Planed Fields of Oblivion
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