Ladders To Nowhere: Embracing Atheism

Anytime I take a glance out of the window before going to bed the lights of Vienna's sacred edifices are usually turned off at midnight. Now, Billi Thanner's ladder at St. Stephen's Cathedral lights a path for us through the darkness. Even if we break with church and religion, although in a last act we might renounce our belief in god, for some of us art stays and is actually the hope that remains for and within us. With each withdrawal from the church its walls crumble, and perhaps the rungs of the ladder don't lead us to heaven at all. As cryptoartist, it has become unbearable for me to quietly endorse Billi Thanner's piece "Die 33 Tugenden" in such a simplistic manner, and to live day in and day out bypassing reality. Why can't her artwork be hope in itself, but must be degraded as a Christian ideology's symbol of hope? Obsessively like an obituary checklist or advertisement for religion. Time has come for a reinterpretation. | Style: Digital Atheism | 1080 x 1080 px, MP4 (78.1 MB) | The Unlockable will lead you to a write-up about the background, some dialogical titbits and further re-interpretation assistance. Read more
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