Entering 2021 through joggingXhibition

I thought music and movies would have kept me healthy during all lockdowns and 2020 setbacks, but this is only half the truth. A not insignificant part of maintaining my mental health in the Corona year has been my sports activities. Since gyms had been closed several times, I expanded my jogging and (outdoor) workouts along Danube Canal. Lots of friends said jogging was basically too monotonous for them, but for me the many changing graffities turned my jogging sessions into special art exhibition experiences. It's hard to imagine how much sense of sociability might be found in being noticed by another jogger or when my eyes made contact with other graffiti artists or just within simple nods of pedestrians passing by through times of physical distancing. I post a selection of works bound together in the form of a mp4 photo album, which brought me into 2021. These painted walls helped me to alleviate my sporting arduousness on cold winter nights as well and turn it into motivation. The unlockable file contains 39 photos and 2 videos I made throughout the year. If you find any further creative ways how the pictures can support your business efforts, make use of them! We’re creatures built on the grounds of history and help might be obscured sometimes when we end up in a dark hole, but it’s there. Happy New Year! Read more
Collection: Public Pleasures Vienna
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 2021 SWAP.HIVE