Untitled II

these were unfinished mixed media pieces, discovered while moving cross-country from california to new jersey during the pandemic. i took the time to finish them in the four months since arriving. utilizing markers, watercolor, and colored pencils, I built up each image. the piece measures approximately 6” X 4”, and is hand-signed and numbered, ready for framing (shipping is included). in june of 2019 i had a mental breakdown that resulted in the collapse of my marriage. the personal growth i am making since then has been a massive undertaking that I worked on semi-secretly over the last year. some of that work has been through abstract artmaking. this is one of those pieces. the layering process used for this is reminiscent of the work that goes into learning to fall in love with me again. the series name "summer in the city" is a call back to when love sparked between us during the summer of 2008 in new york city. i am grateful for having met her and for the profound impact she had over the 12 years we were together. but we are on two different paths now. Dimensions: 6” X 4” Material: mixed media on paper Series: summer in the city No. in Series: 12 Total Read more
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