Creator: @soultret
This art work was commissioned by parents of my good friend Julia. At the moment I am living in Bavarian alps and there is a lot of local folk legends and stories around which I love to listen. I painted the basic creature and add to the existing legend, that the creature is laying eggs in old tree trunks full of gold. I also painted Amanita mushrooms as symbol to connect realty view (the old Vikings were using them for visions and probably fun:). In the background tree trunk there is also Algiz rune ᛉ. Wolpertinger is always depicted as cute forest animal, so my visual version of the creature is more sinister and dangerous... Art work could be warning that greed is the trap for foolish people who decide to hunt the Wolpertinger :) Original painting is painted with acrylic on canvas size: 60cmx90cm For more information about my art, you can visit my page https://soultret.com and https://hive.blog/@soultret Read more
Collection: Acrylic paintings
Total Edition(s): 25
List Price: 50 SWAP.HIVE