Sunflowers end up facing the sun, but they go through a lots of dirt to find their ways there. -J.R. Rim The artwork is related to this concept. My story in life is related to the sunflower, in a way that I’ve been through a lot of struggles in life, a lot of pain and tear in my past memories, but still i put my self head high that no matter what happen I should keep my self positive in life, be bright and sunny to my everyday doing and then thats the time that the happiness will follow in you, the important key is make a set in your mentality. And most of the flowers are beautiful in there own ways the same with you, You have your own way of beauty you just need to embrace your imperfections and live like no jealousy to the others. They’ve said that sunflower is always chose to face the sun every single day and the same with you you have your own ways choosing your own path. Read more
Collection: FINE ART
Total Edition(s): 3