Right Brain Wrong Man

Sometimes you make a mistake not because you are stupid, but because you don't know how to read other people, and you can't imagine a world where sociopaths exist. I learned my most important lesson in life from an experience that happened over a decade ago, and if that had not happened I would not be the person I am today. This animation is deeply personal and it describes how I regained my self-worth, identity and inner strength after I had suffered from extreme emotional abuse by a sociopath. In my case I could not imagine that a human could be so cruel inside, and during the time I was involved, I lost all sense of myself and reality. It took years to de-program my mind. This leaves emerging from the figure represent the life I found, and the happiness I discovered within myself. It was a very hard lesson to learn, but I came to realize that true happiness is found within my own heart, and has little to do with anyone else. While it's not healthy to keep isolated from others due to emotional scars, sometimes it's good just to enjoy the newly found happiness inside. It might be enough. And love relationships might be overrated. Read more
Collection: Absurd Portraits
Total Edition(s): 5