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This video is an announcement of an annoucement! It has one goal! It is telling you to SIGN UP YOUR EMAIL TO GET NOTIFIED WHEN MY FINDING NOMI TREASURE HUNT GOES LIVE! GO HERE NOW: Don’t worry, I never spam people on my newsletter list. I send an email like once every 3 months. Why should you care? Because this is war! Sushi vs. Unicorns!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the most important stories in all of crypto! And it involves sushi and unicorns, evil vs. good! This is NOT THE ACTUAL HUNT, it’s a directive! You need to pay attention, and sign up for my newsletter so that you don’t miss out on FINDING NOMI when it goes live! Participating in FINDING NOMI is going to be fun because every single person who buys the first FINDING NOMI POSTER (which will be released here on NFT Showroom in a few weeks) will receive a Finding Nomi sticker and a tiny piece of fake food in the mail! That’s right! Snail mail! So even if you don’t solve all the puzzles and win the grand prize NFT on Rarible plus some $UNI tokens, you will still win a sticker and a piece of fake food if you buy one edition of the FINDING NOMI POSTER! There will only ever be 25 editions of the FINDING NOMI POSTER, and the first editions will be priced super cheap! Early birds will get the wormzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! The Finding Nomi Treasure Hunt will begin its life on NFT Showroom in a few weeks, and go to different places, ending up on Rarible. The first 3 people who solve all the puzzles will win my Super Duper Fantastic Nomi Crying Like a Baby NFT on Rarible. (gas prices willing. If for some reason the gas prices are astronomical, I will change course and release it all here. Changes can occur any time, but the first FINDING NOMI poster will be released here on NFT Showroom for sure!) All clues and communication with me about the Treasure Hunt will be sent in private messages here on NFT Showroom. This will ensure that the winners have actually purchased the FINDING NOMI POSTER. It will also make it nearly impossible for anyone to cheat..............If you have any questions, message me here on NFT Showroom. Read more
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