“Cryptotwitter has gone full sushigate.” - @danheld on Twitter: https://twitter.com/danheld/status/1302494687610109952 If it weren’t for my friend Yellow and our Telegram group, Meme My Yield Farm, I might have missed the entire $SUSHI drama. Here’s what you need to know about $SUSHI: “Within ten days of launching the project, the creator [who goes by the name @nomichef on Twitter] sold 2.56 million $SUSHI. It was sold for about $6 million [17,970 Ether]. The project was launched on August 26th, 3-day after its launch, the token dropped by over 99% in minutes as its top token holder dumped on the market.” - https://coingape.com/defi-2020-exit-scam-sushiswap-creator-sells-100-sushi-tokens/ My art was modeled after a photograph emerged on Twitter by @Cryptowhale that claimed to have doxxed the founder, Chef Nomi, who sold all his $SUSHI tokens: https://twitter.com/CryptoWhale/status/1302675476629118977 I’d like to end with this quote from @ChainLinkGod on Twitter: It's funny how some people in #DeFi already think the days of yield foodcoins and community forks are over Frens, we've haven't even started, there is much more shenanigans to go - https://twitter.com/ChainLinkGod/status/1302695722257588224

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