Hive – Burnt Orange Batik

Hive – Purple Batik is the third of three pieces in “The Shirt Off My Back - Hive Batik” Collection. Batik is a traditional art technique that utilizes carefully placed wax to protect a piece of cloth from various colors of dye. While living in the Indonesia, my wife and I purchased several articles of batik clothing. One of those articles is showcased in this this piece. “The Shirt Off My Back” Collection commemorates my past life in Indonesia and my present life as a member of the Hive community. Dimensions: 4000 x 3000 px Font: Marker Felt File Type: JPG File Size: 3.9 MB Read more
Collection: The Shirt Off My Back - Hive Batik
Total Edition(s): 30
List Price: 15 SWAP.HIVE