The Beauty of Life

For my first ever cryptoart piece, I wanted to create something special. Something personal that uniquely reflected my deep love and ever-evolving appreciation for life, art, and what it means to be truly alive and awake on this beautiful living planet. I wanted to capture the sense of adventure and spontaneous fun I feel as a human individual and contemporary artist discovering the wild and wacky world of Cryptoart for the very first time ~ while entering what I affectionately like to call: that fancy ol blockchain. To my delight and surprise, this process has been far less about entering a space (learning its language, etiquette, protocols, customs, obsessions and aspirations), and more like opening up to an entirely new state of consciousness. A Cryptoconsciousness. A state of Body Mind Action & Being that is not so cryptic at all, but rather a natural and profound transformational quality within myself. A quality that I can nurture and creatively explore so I can heal integrate and generate modes of feeling free ~ often the first step to being free. Finally, I wanted to capture the essence of my Summer of Covid, a dynamic and turbulent season that, for me, placed Life Death Tyranny Transformation & Awakeness at the center of the table. And in doing so, highlighted the true value of being alive and one of our most powerful and personal messages we can deliver to the Cosmos: I am here. Love is real. Let's all be free. On pure instinct and intuition, The Beauty of Life was born on a beautiful Summer's day in the year 2020 in one ecstatic spontaneous physical gesture: tossing my hat high up to the sky. Natural. Simple. Uplifting. With a tip of the hat to a fantastic array of influences ranging from Performance Art, Las Sinsombrero & Generación del 27, Victory Parades, DADA, Fluxus, slapstick humor & corny cartoons, vintage novelty greeting cards, Frank Sinatra, 50s swank, Space-Age optimism, ephemeral art, the emergence/convergence of Psychology & Surrealism, LSD & altered states, Richard Serra's lead splashes, Shamanic & Santería healing rituals, Dreams, Beauty, Nature, and the ever-hopeful title sequence to the 70s TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But really.. My first cryptoart piece is about Joy. Consider it an enchanted moment. A moment of pure fun in The Incredible Now. This is the moment I want to share with you. The Beauty of Life (2020) non fungible token with physical performance feature masterwork: The Beauty of Life, non fungible token (NFT) by Supernormaled, Summer 2020 unlockable: 1 entirely new performance of The Beauty of Life to be created by Supernormaled with new documentation provided by the artist and designed specifically for an exhibition, unique event or special occasion of your choice, such as gifting a new performance of The Beauty of Life to that special someone as a token of love, friendship & appreciation. This unlockable performance feature is purely optional, with one new performance available per NFT collector. Arrangements and details may be explored and developed directly with the artist at any time while the artist is healthy, aware and alive. Read more
Collection: Super Life
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 20000 SWAP.HIVE