With Every Winter Comes the Summer

Much like Life as I’ve experienced it, my third cryptoart piece is about living, our connection to the World and our natural desire to be free. ------- With Every Winter Comes the Summer arrives suddenly with a clear yet unpredictable spectrum of influences both apparent and somewhat transparent. Even to myself. They include the shifting phenomena of the coming seasons, the sound of the wind, the feeling of the Sun resting warmly on our crispy cheeks, poetry and song heard and unheard, the whispers we have shared and the whispers we hear within ourselves, the untold story of Art, Performance & Design, Yves Klein, Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely, Sister Mary Corita Kent, Rodin, unknowable things, our natural gifts, instincts, Jazz, Sound Art, Ephemeral Art, Performance Art, longing, gift-giving, surprise, unpredictability and spontaneity as primary material for art, unrecorded artists and creatives in the Avant Garde, the sound and sight of analog film spinning off its reel, the sound of thunder and snow crunching beneath our shoes, my time spent under the Sun at Santa Monica and Venice Beach, running towards something as a child, the beating of our heart pumping in our chest and ears while we lay in our beds, the first time we held hands and the last time we held hands, a teardrop, sheer and unbridled awareness, universal creativity, the Value of surprise and our quiet awareness of the World. And so much more. Notably, this piece is about Art and Beingness in the moment. A Beingness of the moment. This the moment I want to share with you. ---------------- With Every Winter Comes the Summer is a non fungible token with an unlockable seasonal ephemeral sculpture series. The Unlockable is an actual Series Launch of entirely new With Every Winter Comes the Summer physical yet ephemeral sculptures to be created seasonally by Supernormaled (1 per Winter, 1 per Summer, ongoingly with creation dates TBD by the artist) with new documentation provided by the artist and designed specifically for personal enjoyment, an exhibition, unique event or even a special occasion of your choice, such as gifting a new With Every Winter Comes the Summer ephemeral sculpture to that special someone as a token of love, friendship or appreciation. This unlockable seasonal ephemeral sculpture series is purely optional, with 1 new ephemeral sculpture series produced per collector of this NFT. Please note that all sculptural forms and the series run and end date are determined by the artist so as to preserve the integrity of the piece and the element of surprise. Arrangements and details may be explored and developed directly with the artist at any time while the artist is healthy, aware and alive.

Collection: Super Life

Creator:  @supernormaled

Total Edition(s): 1

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supernormaled 1 Private 20000 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)