Geomtery Contrast Simplicity

A simple experiment in geometry and contrast. One dimensional lines intersect to create two dimensional places, which are in turn layered to created a three dimensional perspective. A complex fractal structure rotates through higher dimensions, outlined by brilliant hues, to contrast the monochromatic gradient of the backdrop. Ever the fixation with geometry, simple and complex, Euclidean and otherwise. It is these structures that underpin our brains' constructions of reality, and our science's attempts to cast a model to our observations. It has been said, by observers of previous times, that geometry is the truest expression of God. This can be seen with absolute clarity, in the artistic constructions of temples, mosques, and holy sites across culture. Perhaps it is not God these constructions seek to honor, but math, and the expressions therein. Read more
Collection: Fractal Abstractions
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 1099 SWAP.HIVE