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Logical Trading Indicator

Creator: @thelogicaldude
The market flows in a natural state, and when getting creative with your charts, they can become their own pieces of artwork. I want to celebrate the art created by the markets by providing the indicator code used on this chart. This is the Logical Trading Indicator created by @thelogicaldude! This is what happens with 4 different indicators get together and make a beautiful abstract rhythm. The settings on the indicator allow the user to customize just about every aspect all the way down to the colors! Unlock your chart art potential with this indicator NFT! You will get a coupon code and links to not only the indicator code, but also can be used to get a copy of the eBook, 'Anyone Can Be A Trader' by @thelogicaldude.
Collection: Chart Art
Total Edition(s): 200
List Price: 100 SWAP.HIVE


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