Long Gone

Long Gone has been a song that has been in the works for some time and has never been released on the markets. The song is tuned to 432hz which is a DNA healing frequency. The purchase of this NFT will come with Full Commercial rights to use as you please. Once purchased, you will receive a link via an encrypted Hive transaction that will lead you to a package download that will contain the full uncompressed WAV file as well as the 320khz MP3 file and the 4 main stem files, drums, bass, melody, and vocals. This will allow you to be able to remix or reproduce the track to your liking. **Special bonus** also included in the package is the background photo that is used in the album cover and full commercial rights to use it as well. **Cover photo was shot by The Logical Dude off the Seven Mile Bridge when I lived in Marathon, FL. (Florida Keys)**

Collection: Music

Creator:  @thelogicaldude

Total Edition(s): 5

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thelogicaldude 2 Limited Reproduction 75 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
thelogicaldude 3 Limited Reproduction 100 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
thelogicaldude 4 Limited Reproduction 100 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
thelogicaldude 5 Limited Reproduction 100 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)