Inner shine

information: 1400x2400 only one edition available This illustration was something I loved to do, I changed a lot of things in the process, and some of them will be available with this artwork as an unlockable file. I wanted to make the human figure in the stone hand coming out of the earth, like an explorer, standing on the hand.... I ended up making a more personal drawing, reflecting the statue as that spiritual guide that I want to believe we all have... and the angel as that spark of hope that we all have... That's why I chose a god... in this case it's Poseidon... he is far from the water but even so, he stands firm, dedicating a look of affection to the angel... you can also interpret the angel as the human figure, innocent and protected by something that transcends the physical, and shines in the hands of the one who knows how to guide it. Because in the right place ... we can all shine like stars. Read more
Collection: Landscapes of the spirit
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 314 SWAP.HIVE