Im in a panic love with u!

a couple of weeks ago this idea came up while I was drawing together with Clayboyn. it really is a company that I enjoy very much, each one of us was doing our own thing but creating at the same time... life... I discovered that it is very true what some people say, drawing with a color other than white, background... helps you to create great things . sooo~ I thought how nice it would be ... to send NFT love letters C: ((so when you break up with the person you can sell them LOL.)) just kidding !! UWU if someone send this to you maybe they want you to know: how much she/he love you, and appreciate you .... ... How scary it can be sometimes, realizing that she/he have fallen madly in love. this PANIC LOVE NFT have some magic spell to have a happy relationship Read more
Collection: Love Letters
Total Edition(s): 3
List Price: 45 SWAP.HIVE