9. The Hermit

The Hermit is the ninth card of the tarot, and is part of the important Major Arcana, that is, the 22 most important cards of the deck, which represent universal archetypes that can be identified with all human beings. I wanted to make my own version of the hermit based on my favorite game: Sky children of lights, as it's the first time I'm going to dive into this project I may create two cards with the same name but with different illustrations. About the Hermit, some people say that we do not see his feet because it represents that he almost does not move from place or that he walks in the spiritual plane, not earthly. On his side, his white hair signifies knowledge and wisdom while the lantern on his head symbolizes guidance, knowledge, divine illumination that seeks to guide us on our path. The hermit is alone, this is important because the Hermit card represents solitude, reflection, introspection, prudence. It is the time to move away from that which affects us and make an examination of conscience, a self-analysis. Something peculiar also of this card is its relationship with Numerology. The number nine is the number of spirituality, patience, wisdom, surrender, which marks the end of a stage, the culmination of time and the rest of the numbers, you can also find the constellation of Virgo in the sky, as this card represents that sign. What decisions have we made to get here? What could we have done differently? What can we do right now? Where are we headed? It is an invitation to introspection and inner reflection to study ourselves and see how we are proceeding. It is an invitation to 'solitude' in the sense that only you can find the solutions or the answers you long for and need. Read more
Collection: Sky Children of Light Tarot
Total Edition(s): 2
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