XX Le Jugement

Tarot card number XX Fortune will be on your side if you are one of those who owns this card! Its appearance implies that there has been a new birth produced by a harmonious and true union. Represented with the colors pink and blue, it is astrologically connected with Uranus, planet of the air, ruling star of the new era. The Last Judgment card in tarot implies awareness of individuality, that is, that each one has their own thoughts and that changes in the stars are going to take place with repercussions on humanity. It is the representation of the New Age. From the worldly point of view Expected, positive changes. Hopes and promises that are fulfilled. Positive return. Good people helping each other. People love each other and express it. Good feelings are natural and so are their expression. There is no longer anything bad anywhere. Good and fruitful actions. Think of others. Things are going for the better. Site: A place where you can breathe harmony and joy. A modern city, but with Nature integrated. Time: The one that is taken out of the routine. Read more
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