-Acrylic on Paper. This painting had been left unattended for about 2 years. It started out as a little sketch and nothing came out of it for 2 years. In 2019, after makingsome changes in my life, I decided to immerse myself into it, and make something out of it. This is the result. Our magical world which we often take for granted. The Sun's gaze represents it's importance for life to thrive on this wonderful planet. The tree represents the tree of life and how everything is connected to one another, just think of it's roots that run through the earth and touch another root. We should cherish what life has given us, we should cherish this world and it's boundless beauty and nourishment. We should not take this life on this special planet for granted! I ended up finishing it up through digital touch ups! I hope this piece will speak to someone as much as it does to me! Read more
Collection: MY WORLD OF ART
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