No souls to feed

I wrote this poem a few years ago but it really fits our current times. It is the story of a ship coming from the stars guided by a transmission of a alien species. Eager to meet these others the travellers set on their voyage. Once they come to the planet however they find that the senders of the message destroyed each other and the formerly beautiful planet they lived on all life and all their culture wiped out of existence. There will only be one copy of this piece and while I will share it on my Social Media there will never be another copy sold other than this one - Enjoy ! cradled in stasis we went the distance peregrinating 7 parsecs to find relevant life heading the call, juvenescent fantasies became sustenance reverberating diagrams leading the way Feet reach crumbling surface resonance of steps transmuting to lament as visions of fragrant loam reveal themselves as childless desert Splinters of cities break horizon as far as gaze assimilates bleached fossils under odourless sky find articulation under scrutiny discarded puzzle radiating tales of woe miraculously escaping the reticence of time What held residence on desiccated rock however, finds no mirror in the soot of it’s species No message, no recognition within the bones picked clean of their civilisation disappointment vociferates disgust over creatures capable of such ruin Our gifts burn stomachs as vision leaks dilatory scripture with no souls to feed Read more
Collection: Talking pictures
Total Edition(s): 1