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Quite of a Subway -- A Journey through Emotions

Creator: @undersound
Savino Valerio: Founder of Plaza de Mundo project, Composer Success in Europe: Enchanting Instrumental Tracks In a recent interview, Savino Valerio, the mastermind behind the Plaza de Mundo project, shared insights into his remarkable success across Europe with his enchanting instrumental tracks. Describing the feeling akin to a heartwarming surprise, Valerio expressed gratitude to his dedicated listeners and followers across various social media platforms. Valerio's compositions, such as "27 September," transport listeners into dreamlike realms, aiming to provoke reflection and offer an escape from the mundane. Tracks like "Every Way" and "Life's Embrace" delve into the essence of life, capturing its unpredictability and beauty. "Conscience," originally composed as a theatrical soundtrack, invites introspection and self-awareness, delving into the depths of human consciousness. Meanwhile, Valerio's latest single, "Quite of Subway," offers a unique fusion of urban rhythms and soulful trumpet sounds, reflecting the contrasts of city life. Notably, this collection is the only version produced exclusively for NFTShowroom by Undersound, the first Italian label on blockchain. Throughout the conversation, Valerio's passion for evoking emotions through melodies shines through, inviting listeners to embark on a transformative musical journey with the Plaza de Mundo project.
Collection: UnderSound -- Season One --
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