The Fear Hare vs. Mrs. Porcupine

I made a little collage, inspired by life. The fear hare story - read by yours truly - is added as an unlockable audio file. It shows the landscape and the view that I enjoy almost every single day here, on my hikes in central Portugal. Mrs. Porcupine and the Fear Hare are two characters from the Story of Hypersensitivosaurus. Mrs. Porcupine was inspired by an acupuncturist that I visited months ago. The fear hare was inspired by many people ( this year ). The latter came to me, while being stuck in The Netherlands ( during Spring 2020 ), not being able to travel back to Portugal. A lot of my creativity is based on my daily struggle with mental health. This year has been pretty intense and I'm sure many of you can identify with this. Much love, Vincent P.S. The full Mrs. Porcupine story can be found here:

Collection: The Story of Hypersensitivosaurus

Creator:  @vincentnijman

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