Imagining a Quantum DNA Storage System

Creator: @web-gnar
Informational shards of data floating around in cyberspace. Like a clock ticking, new data is being written to the immense archive of human existence, known as the internet, which can now be stored on fluorescent strands of DNA. The colorful glass-shard shapes are cropped GIF animations of photos of a physical art installation where the whole room was filled with long pieces of different colored masking tape, hanging from the ceiling. The black and white striped background is a 3-framed looping animated GIF of a generic barcode being zoomed in on. The jarring 3-d model that looks like a jammed gear in a machine is an experiment using Google Sketchup from about 10 years ago. This is Zack G. Goulet's third NFT. Read more
Collection: Virtual Realities
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 35 SWAP.HIVE