Explore a neon noir world with this one of a kind hand crafted music trading card and sample sound, experience a flight across the cybersphere and even take this sound and use it to create a musical masterpiece combined with other sounds, this is one of a collection yet to come so far there are just 6 this is the first to be minted You can also trade these cards or buy enough to own a play a complete set and play with your own rules. You could even print and make these into real trading cards or swap it for another. The package contains both a .mp3 and .wav 24bit audio sample file and the trading card image. You can use the sample file within a music production but not sell it on it's own it is for music production where you are asked to combine this sound with other sounds to create a derivative music work or you can use it for your social media video like youtube videos and other posts only please. Read more
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 20 SWAP.HIVE