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octopus 🐙 Surrealism - art through a dream More than 40 ice ago, such a direction in art as surrealism appeared. What is it and what it is eaten with. To put it as simply as possible, surrealism is a combination of reality and dream. Surrealism can be found in: painting, cinema, photography, architecture and so on. Surrealists very often worked under the influence of alcohol, to imagine even hunger, but what is there hunger, even under the influence of hypnosis. Many artists and not only surrealists painted their paintings under the influence of alcohol and drugs. So why did they go to this, everything is simple to reach the very depths of their subconscious. "Surrealism is me!" Salvador Dali spoke. The artist wrote his painting "The Constancy of Memory" thinking about soft cheese, about its flexibility. In his painting, hours flow down from objects like cheese. The main feature of surrealism is that the artist paints what is in his head, ignoring common sense. The surrealists worked with different themes, such as irony, eroticism, subconsciousness and even magic. Dream for surrealist artists stands in its own way as many of you used to say "inspiration". Although, I myself am opposed to this statement, because I believe that there is no such thing as "inspiration" at all, or there is, but it is just a synonym for the word "laziness". Sometimes I'm just too lazy to paint a picture, sometimes laziness comes from the fact that a bad mood, sometimes something hurts, sometimes other things and so on. The artists called it in short "no inspiration". In order to avoid a detailed excuse for their laziness. Well, in general, you understand "Surrealism is art through a dream." Sweet dreams and may you dream something good) Read more
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