Screams of Silence

Can you imagine being very tired, exhausted after having worked a lot, with a lot of sleep but not being able to sleep?... Not because of illness (well, I don't know) but because of fear, fear of sleeping, fear of darkness and the silence of the night. For a year or so I have not been able to sleep like “normal” people and no matter how hard I fight, tiredness overcomes me and at that moment it begins to happen… What thing? Many dreams! One after the other, most of them very crazy, many people dead, seeing that I am in a desolate place while I see a horrible old woman dragging and throwing several children down a cliff is not pretty, seeing myself as I consume myself from within and at the same time feel it, it is not pleasant! Feeling like they touch my leg or grab my arms while I'm in a dream where I can practically see myself in my bed complaining and screaming while still asleep. This makes me wake up as exhausted as if I had had little sleep. I don't know if I'm crazy! I don't know if it's a disease! I only know that at dawn when falling asleep and like every night many different dreams begin to torment. This is the first work in a very personal series, which I baptize as Midnight Dreams... Everything was so gloomy and there was a lot of liquid that came in so fast, you want but you cannot scream, you cannot move, despair invades the body until you can finally wake up.

Collection: Midnight Dreams

Creator:  @yanes94

Total Edition(s):   3