A mystery walker

Creator: @yonilkar
This is an epic song inspired in Asian times. This is a fantasy letter written by a person who thinks that a vampire is in her town, but the destiny is not what she thought. We don't know from where is he from, all we know that people have started to disappear since he came to this town. **Some people felt in love with him, to many ladies and some many guys, we are wondering why those things has been to happen since that a strange and mysterious person came. ** We're still investigating on it, but by now too many people are trying to spy that person because we thought, and we could make things that he could be on a strange creature that came to our town to tread us, fear us on them to kill us all. I am here writing to you this letter because I'm leaving this town anyway I have nothing here to keep so don't come here never again and take the kids with you. I am trying to escape but maybe that is my last time and I think that I'm going to die soon r maybe I am already dead. A letter from Denise before become into a Vampire. Read more
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