The River Spirit

Creator: @zeraton
Ahh... I distinctively remember this very horrifying dream: After travelling for such a longtime on my carriage, i decided to stop by a nearby river so i could get a drink of water. But little did i know, that there was something ominous waiting for me in that river. Slowly and gently, I clasped my hands in the water and began drinking. Oh, i drank and drank and DRANK to my satisfaction but, ere long, I felt my skin getting pale as i watched, in absolute horror, this female like creature slowly elope from the far end of the river. My goodness! What a terrifying sight to behold it was! And what the creature was? I had no idea but by it's feminine stature, I concluded that it may have been some sort of mermaid or river spirit. The creature by all means wished me gone and by it's distinct and heart wrenching glare, I didn't waste time to jump on board that invitation. To the best of my memory, this is what the creature's glare looked like... Read more
Collection: Inspired Arts
Total Edition(s): 1