Nuernberg Trails 2.0

Creator: @zyberzerk
Satirical collage We are at war. We are in a the midst of a Democide in proportions of 100X Holocaust, all without cycloneB and without showers in concentration camps. A 5th generation war between the ultra elite and humanity as we know it. the dying pyramide will try to prolong their power grip even if it means to kill 90% of the population. As Brezinski said in 2008: Through the political awakening of the masses, it is the first time in history easier to kill a million people than to control a million people, it is easier to kill than to control. Decentralised blockchain solutions will make every form of corupt pyramide obsolete. Autonomous selfgoverning of regional clusters, regions minting their own currencies without central banks and connect world wide via DAO and smart contract solutions. Web3 will in the long run also make centralized propaganda shitholes like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagramm, linkedIN, Patreon obsolete. the pyramid system is coming to an end once and for all. Same for the FIAT money scam executed by a few private families under the disguise of a cleverly obfuscated central banking system. Crypto will make the FIAT "dept" money scam obsolete. the pyramide is crumbling, brace yourself. Read more
Collection: political collage
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