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NFT Showroom is a digital art marketplace built on the Hive blockchain. Hive is a fast and feeless blockchain that scales, is globally accessible, and unlocks an entire ecosystem of services for artists and collectors! Our mission is to provide a platform that is easy to use, less expensive to transact for both the creator and collector, and which solves existing problems in the crypto art sphere.

Why create and collect tokenized art?

Attaching art to a token (NFT) has several benefits: most importantly it creates a record of provenance. A token can be compared to a certificate of authenticity as it is cryptographically signed by the artist. Upon creation, ownership and trade history can be tracked on a publically verifiable ledger (blockchain). This helps combat issues like plagiarism and can be used to verify copyright of images. Tokenization also permits the art to be efficiently and securely traded. Secondary market royalties allow the original artist to be rewarded on subsequent sales which is a huge revolution in the art industry.

"Proof of Art"

To begin creating and collecting you will need a Hive account and Hive Keychain. Hive Keychain is a browser extension that securely encrypts your keys and allows you to safely and easily authorize transactions on the platform.

  • Get a free account here:
  • Install the Hive Keychain browser extension: Hive Keychain
  • Watch this quick-start tutorial video of the above two steps for creating a Hive account and installing Hive Keychain:

Hive has quick transaction times and zero gas fees! In order to transact smoothly, it helps to have a minimum of 5 HIVE staked to your account. Services like giftgiver will give you a small delegation for a week to help you get started. Feel free to inquire in our discord if you need any assistance.

NFT Showroom uses a pegged token called SWAP.HIVE to tokenize and purchase art. Simply go to your wallet page on and click deposit. Choose the desired amount you would like to deposit and click deposit hive. The wallet will import the HIVE and convert it automatically to SWAP.HIVE for a fee of 1%.

For more information about the Hive blockchain such as wallets, dapps, exchanges and more please visit

For Creators: How to Apply

Artists are the backbone of NFT Showroom and we welcome all art styles and levels of experience. Hive also has many popular services that you can access with your new account: you can create your own blog, and join creators gathering and sharing in several vibrant art communities! We are looking to onboard passionate artists, and will be verifying each applicant.

The application process is very simple:

  • Navigate to your personal page and go to your profile.
  • Fill out the application and give us as much relevant info about you and your art as you can. (At this time we are only accepting artists who have a portfolio to view.)
  • Click update profile, below that you can apply to be whitelisted.
  • An admin will contact you on one of the social media links you provided for verification.
  • Current turnaround is usually 1 -2 days, but may vary depending on the number of applications. Please keep an eye on your messages across social platforms!
  • See this guide for more detailed information: Artist guide
  • Please join our discord so we can provide you assistance if needed: NFT Showroom discord

While you are awaiting verification you can get up to speed on our current features and progress by visiting our Hive blog.