I have been making art my entire life. The moment i could first pick up a crayon, pen, or pencil i have been leaving my mark on the world. In school, the curriculum had to be expanded because of how far i took drawing. Illustration has always been a passion of mine. Seeing the world from different perspectives has played a major role in influencing my expressions. If a picture is worth a thousand words... then a symbol is worth a thousand pictures! I like to take a surrealistic approach to tell stories through symbols. Exploration of different mediums and techniques has been a life long progression to bring me where i find my journey in art today. I look forward to moving into a digital era of art history and helping to pioneer the next epoch of what pushing the boundaries of expression will look like. One of the reasons my creations have never fully made a transition to the internet was because of the lack of ability to protect original artworks. Now, with blockchain technology, the time has come to move forward in the revolution. Thank you to NftShowroom for the opportunity and privilege!
Creations: 113
Volume: 536.419
Collected: 44
Volume: 466.520


Artwork owned by @castleberry.