Astro Anput

Creator: @akida
#5 Astro Anput (Based on legend of the Egypt God Anubis). I decided to create a female variation of Anubis because he mostly shows up masculine. The customer will be the only one who sees the animation of my Alien-Comic-God and more creation-pics cause in my NFT is an hidden mp4 (Vid) where I show the progress of my drawing/ Digitalartwork and a bit more variations. I think most of us know this already but I will keep it short to introduce Anubis. Anubis has many names, so he is also known as Inpu, Inpw, Jnpw, or Anpu in Ancient Egyptian. Anubis is the well-known god of death and afterlife. He is mostly shown as a masculine human with a jackal or dog head. Anubis was most shown in black, a color that symbolized for example regeneration, life or the soil of the Nile River. Anubis is often associated with his brother Wepwawet, yup, it's another Egyptian ancient god portrayed mostly with a dog's head or in canine Form. So maybe we see also Anubis bro from time to time, take always a closer look. His brothers God imagination is mostly grey or white fur. Some Historians assume that the two figures were eventually combined after all of that long time period. Anubis has even a female counterpart. Did you know that? Now you understand why I have chosen this name... It is Anput. In my Alien Astro Universe, Anput is like all of the five from another galaxy and likes to travel through the universes, galaxies and dimensions. If we humans call us in this time "world traveler" Anput could call herself "galactic Multiverse Traveler" I think. She is a loyal and fair being. Always looking deep into the hearts of other spirits and beings. So better keep your heart light fully rise up and shine bright. That's what she likes most. If you take a closer Look you will find my signature on the Ank. 😋 Read more
Collection: TrinityArt - Alien Gods Mini Collection
Total Edition(s): 3
List Price: 10 SWAP.HIVE