Astro Horus

Creator: @akida
TrinityArts Story of Alien Art - Astro Horus Astro Horus came thousands years ago on earth to check out the area of the earth. If this would be a place for his species. The ancient humans mind made a God out of him but in reality horus was an astronaut on a mission. He brought special knowledge to the humans. Gave human a feeling for time or better the fate of time. He is the God or alien who can control the sky too. Or can he only make illusions to hu. Ans on the sky? Anyway, this being has special skills, others than humanity and that's why people in the past thought he must be a God or maybe God was just another word for dimension traveler aka astronaut. Who knows... In my NFT I add an extra video (MP4) file, so the customer has step by step pics til the ready drawing, plus DigitalArtworks and at the end of the vid an short NFT animation of my ART creation. My signature of my own designed Alien-God-Comic Art you see on the side of the Arm of Astro Horus. Your @akida aka TrinityArt Read more
Collection: TrinityArt - Alien Gods Mini Collection
Total Edition(s): 3
List Price: 10 SWAP.HIVE