TrinityArt Comic - The Birth of Cyber Bee

Creator: @akida
the birth of Cyber Bee This first Comic is a short origin of Cyber Bee. Cyber Bee is one main character of my future "guardians of the blockchain" Comic. I start to create the origins of the characters first, so everyone has some background knowledge of the future Superheroes. About the character: Cyber Bee Cyber Bee is a female Cyber Mutant. Gen manipulated being, Bee stings can come out of her hands/ fists. She is able to fly. She can control the Hive mind. Great Psy Power. She uses her hive bee nanotechnology aka drones to protect her Family from any cyber galactic attacks. A second part of her origin is possible cause my story ends with a kind of cliffhanger... Cyber Bee's Birth: Paris year 3069 The French capital has become a technological and futuristic city. It's clear the world has changed. Intergalactic cooperations and agreements are a daily business. In this times humans are not born on a natu4way anymore. Most humans are created in laboratories. There are only a few "real" and "natural" humans existing. That's the time and area out Cyber Bee lives in. The real Name or human Name of Cyber Bee is Maïa (Maïa with two dots about the I is the French version. Also I know Maya means something like illusion in old Hindi or Yoga Philosophy And there is a old kids comic out called bee Maja or Maia, don't know how to write it). Maïa was born on a natural way not in a laboratory. Her Family works for many generations as Beekeepers. Don't blame me, I just found it funny - like Stan Lee does - to have so many combos with "Hive" and "Bee's". But be sure, the other characters are different. deeper meaning behind the comic Maybe you already discovered it. In my comic I have some deeper meaning of bullying and being an outsider. Also the topic cloning, Gen manipulation and technology is in focus. A future kind of rassism, that natural humans are not welcome. At all this short comic took me know nearly 14 days creating. 3 days to collecte ideas, 2 days of drawing different characters to get inspired for cyber bee, 4 days to create a story board, dialog and first sketches, 1 day for the cover and 4 days of fine tuning... Making the sketches clearer, first coloring with liquid pens, after with Bound pins, and other pens. Soooo much coloring. After that I photographed my comic, digitalised it and made a video aka gif out of it. It's easier to draw just a single character. This I can do on 1 day (1-8 hours depending on the character) but because of all the stuff around like the story board, text bubbles and so on it took an eternity. I will continue with it but only 1 comic a month is realistic possible for me. See, I do it handmade and classical Oldschool... Lol. I can't delete stuff, if I do shit, I have to start over again... Hahahaha. But therefore it's unique. But why I do that? In this times every artist gets more and more digital, get me right, I looove digitalart and technology but I think we have to train real handmade art neither otherwise we will lose some skills. Know what I mean? Our hand is full of little muscles which have to be trained too. Read more
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