No. 4 Cyberpunk Demon Girl

Creator: @akida
I am allowed to present you my Cyberpunk Demon Girl. She is one of my Creatures from my newest „NFT Cyberpunk Alien-Comic Art Collection” too. I love this style, so if you love it too, its available now for my Artlovers. My Cyberpunk Demon Girl reminds me a bit of a combo of Harley Queen and “IT” (the movie based of the book from Stephen King), what you think? Special Extra, a step by step Video (MP4) with some specials is the hidden File what is yours when you invest in my Art. So you have the garantee that I created it. The Art Proof – the making of scenario Read more
Collection: TrinityArt - Cyberpunk-Alien-Comic Art Collection
Total Edition(s): 6
List Price: 15 SWAP.HIVE