No. 7 Cosmic Cyberpunk Medusa

Creator: @akida
I am allowed to present you my Cosmic Cyberpunk Medusa. Yes, my cyberpunk interpretation of her, is one of my Creatures from my newest „NFT Cyberpunk Alien-Comic Art Collection”. I hope you like her style like I do. No snake hair but futuristic, robot tentacle Hair style, like doctor Octo from Spiderman had on his back. My Cyberpunk Variation combined the old legend of Medusa in a futuristic, technical variation. A realy sad story, cause normally she was na beautiful and spiritual woman but she god doomed with a kind of „spell“, lets say it simple. My drawing represent a futuristic perspective of it. Drawing – Digitalised – animated Artwork Special Extra, a step by step Video (MP4) with some specials is the hidden File what is yours when you invest in my Art. So you have the garantee that I created it. The Art Proof – the making of scenario  Read more
Collection: TrinityArt - Cyberpunk-Alien-Comic Art Collection
Total Edition(s): 6
List Price: 15 SWAP.HIVE