No.1 - Octavia

Creator: @akida
I present you my "Alien Bitch" Octavia. She is one of my Creatures from my newest „NFT Cyberpunk Alien-Comic Art Collection”. Like you maybe see tentacle hair style is hers, she looks so beautiful with it to me. She is an water element Alien from an Aquarice Planet. An emotional being so better never ever play a wrong game with her feelings cause like Poseidon she can control water and water beings easily and would sent an army to ya. Lol But she never do stuff like that cause she is shy and kind. Do you see the Hive Logo? Lol, great place for it I chose out isn't it? 😅🤗 You can see also my Post with step by step pics, anyway, an step by step Vid with some specials is the hidden MP4 File what is yours when you invest in my Art. Read more
Collection: TrinityArt - Cyberpunk-Alien-Comic Art Collection
Total Edition(s): 6
List Price: 15 SWAP.HIVE