Seeing someone else in my mirror.

Sometimes we don't enjoy the simple things in life. A hot meal, a walk in the park even a simple bath, which I like with hot water, personally as it helps me relax. It was past midnight and I finished enjoying a bath, I got out of the tub and went straight to the mirror, enjoying that sensation of contact with my skin and the drops of water that were all over my body, my nipples were standing and I was turned on To think that someone was there with me watching how I bathed and touched all the parts of my body, for some bathing would be a relaxing sensation, but for me it would be a bit exciting. Sooner rather than later I was overwhelmed because when I removed the steam from the mirror I could see a very different person looking at me, breasts very different from mine although familiar and a strangely long neck that gave way to features that gave me fear and uncertainty ... To this day I don't know who she is, but just thinking about that silhouette terrifies me. One day i woke up sweating, the clock read midnight, I went to the bathroom and the mirror was soaked, as if someone just before had used the bathroom.

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