Energy Mask

Energy Mask: Number 11 in the Rituals Series. Pencil on archival paper, digital paint and animation. Rituals, "The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding." ~ The Kybalion, The secret doctrines of old world teachings come to life in this fantastical series of digital art and animation. For thousands of years the mental nature of the universe has been a mystery. Now we may peer behind the curtain to see what is what. With light comes dark, always equal and opposite but on the same sliding scale. If the pendulum swings right, it must also swing left. Only very few find balance in the middle. These works will be offered as limited editions of rare digital art. They also feature an original music score for each unique 30 second animation. Read more
Collection: RITUALS
Total Edition(s): 100
List Price: 50 SWAP.HIVE