The Rainbow Bridge: Vortex to Heaven

The bible speaks of a whirlwind to heaven, John was in "the spirit" but the word spirit is the same for wind. Abraham-Hicks speaks of a vortex of creation. Reverse Speech from all over the world mentions the whirlwind. A myriad of movies depict a tunnel to another dimension, oftentimes it's colorful, like a rainbow. Even in Wizard of Oz, Dorothy travels through a tornado/whirlwind. It goes by many names such as the Rainbow Bridge/Bifrost. If you look up a whirlwind/vortex you will see it's just a tunnel leading to heaven above, which is what many NDEs describe. I created this in JWildfire and edited it in Photoshop. Besides reminding me of the rainbow bridge to heaven, it also reminds me of an angel wing inviting the soul in. Read more
Collection: Fractal Fantasia
Total Edition(s): 5
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