Romanian Red

I had mentioned long ago about considering doing artwork based on the hair of a fellow Hive user and her hair. I titled this artwork 'Romanian Red' because i wanted it to represent the country of Romania as well as let the Red speak for itself. Liberty, Justice, and Fraternity... the Blue, Yellow, and Red mean more than just colors of cloth. The long-standing history was something i wanted to commemorate in this drawing. I merged multiple images of Creative Mary to conjure this image. This peremptory portrait is an ode to the red Romanian hair she brandishes. I hope that this artwork embodies the beauty of what Creative Mary and the Romanian heritage has to offer! I tried to merge Mary's inclination for bodypaint along with her luscious and beautiful hair combined with the values and colors of the Romanian flag. I only hope that i did any justice to the true beauty at all! Read more
Collection: Peremptory Portraits
Total Edition(s): 20
List Price: 10 SWAP.HIVE