Joan of Arc

Creator: @catatumbo
Joan of Arc She said that during her childhood these visions had merely instructed her to "be good [or pious], to go to church regularly"; but over the next several years they had persistently called for her to go to the local commander at Vaucouleurs to obtain an escort to take her to the Royal Court... said to the King: 'Most illustrious Lord Dauphin [i.e., heir to the throne], I have come and am sent in the name of God to bring aid to yourself and to the kingdom. Joan of Arc was brave and had deep faith and conviction that her messages for the King came straight from source. For a lady so young in age to lead armies to war Joan of Arc must have had a look of strong unshakable strength. Joan of Arc will always live on in History and through our NFT. http://archive.joan-of Read more
Collection: Catatumbo World Art Trading Cards Series 1/Card 3
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