Il Convento

This NFT image is from a landscape painting; a large colourful oil painting on box canvas - 1m x 1m, inspired by a hillside local to my town in Italy. It was completed in 2018. I paint landscapes from my imagination and memory: usually they are of places that I know and love very much. Always they're places I've lived in and been intimately connected with. This piece speaks to the colours of autumn around the harvesting of the grapes for wine - the vendemmia - when the landscape comes alive with activity of enrichment at the same time as the colours turn and show a whole other side of the landscape... I felt the celebratory aspect of all of this, in painting this piece, which now lives with a collector in Guardia Sanframondi, Italy. I made a video about this painting; I'm moving all my videos from mainstream to alternative/ decentralised media platforms, so just ask me for a link, once it's over on Bitchute or 3Speak or the like! Blessings Read more
Collection: Our Blessed Landscape
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 40 SWAP.HIVE