I See The Secrets That You Keep

Secret is a digital art of The Weeknd about his hit song - Secrets His eyes shows that he knows the secrets you keep so there is no point hiding it from him. Also, this digital art is a secret technique I will not be share but if you know how this was done then you better keep the secret. in summary, this is a secret. Once 3 knows about it then it is no longer a secret. Take away *s* and *c* from the word secret and you have a tree with branches and seeds spilling the secrets by shedding its flowers. Can you keep a secret? Let this art remind you to keep a secret so no one looks at you with suspicion.

Collection: Secrets

Creator:  @dante31

Total Edition(s): 1

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dante31 1 Limited Reproduction 150 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)