Otomnio, Gallant of the Eternal Star

[Chief Gallant of the knights of the Holy Order of Avandon. Swift, fast to anger and quick of judgment. It is said that his one of the unholy bastard breed, blood of Azemox, Smith of the Hell Fire and Chief of the Armies of Joxen.] This is a character I created in April of 2020 as part of a myth and legend project I had put to myself. I have nearly doubled the pixel count of this one and colorized it. Details: DPI: 300 Resolution: 1875 x 3000

Collection: Everzon Cycle

Creator:  @deadsparrow

Total Edition(s): 4

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deadsparrow 2 Private 40 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
c34 4 Private 525 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)