Hypahradys Sunset

The sunset of a world in the middle of a stellar storm period, as seen from the middle of one of its mountain lakes ... immerse yourself in this awesome scene of soft pink, raging fire, still waters, and perfect peace, all at the same time ... (This piece is based on a fractal I made in Apophysis 2.09, rendered on two different colors -- pink for the sky, black for the waters -- and then adding the same image to itself at different scales at the horizon while adding the pink from the sky as an overlay for the fractal rendered on black to give the sense of reflection in the water over that extraordinary fractal reflected there.)

Collection: Visions of the Galaxy's Other Minds

Creator:  @deeanndmathews

Total Edition(s):   3

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deeanndmathews 1 Private 250 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
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